CopyThat FAQs

How does the challenge work? 

Over the course of two weeks, you'll receive 10 daily challenges (Monday through Friday x 2). You'll receive the daily email on weekdays around 6am EST.

The challenge starts every Monday, and the cutoff to join is Sunday night at midnight EST. If you miss that cutoff (e.g. you sign up on Monday morning), you'll start the following Monday.


I purchased the course and haven't received any emails yet. What does it include?

If you aren't receiving your emails, it's usually one of two issues: 

  1. You missed the cutoff to start this week. If you purchased after midnight EST on Sunday, then you missed the cutoff for this week. You'll start next Monday.
  2. Your emails are going to spam. Check your spam folder and move them to your primary inbox. Add sam@copythat.com to your email contacts so future emails don't go to spam!


What's your refund policy? 

If CopyThat isn't meeting your expectations, you must request a refund by Day 3 of the challenge. Refunds requested on Day 4 or later won't be honored. Unfortunately, we've had some scammers take the entire course, save the content, then request a refund.


I'm having a different issue and need help. Who can I contact?

Please contact us at help@copythat.com