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Nevin Yu
If this guy can write, so can you

It was late fall in 2008, a young, handsome fellow has traveled from Hong Kong to the US to pursue his academic career. He was full of hopes and dreams, but he had one issue; he does not know how to write. I am not saying he cannot WRITE write, no no. He just can't write anything interesting. After all, English is not his first language. 15 years had gone by and life is good. He has a somewhat decent business, got married, and has two beautiful kids. "What more can a guy want?" He thinks to himself. Then, one thought came to his mind, "I wish I could write better." Of course, after he said it out loud, the god of google answered (Just kidding, or is he?) He saw the CopyThat course and decided to take the leap of faith and dived into it. So, can this guy finally able to write something interesting? I don't know, but it's an improvement. If a guy with English as his second language can improve, I don't see why you can't. The worst you can do here is saved $150 and never picked up the copywriting skill. Get it now before they jack up the price! (Just kidding I don't know if they would)

P.S. seriously though, I think this is the best $150 I have spent on learning something new.

Sergio Sereeira

CopyThat Challenge (Sales Copy)

Saran Wisedcharakun
Amazing Lessons

Great lessons! Love it! Recommend to any aspiring content creator too.

John Khosravi

CopyThat Challenge (Sales Copy)

Joshua Delane
Loving it so far

Wrote my first piece of copy since starting the course and was astounded at the difference. One week in and it’s already paid off. One of the best investments I’ve made in my education so far!