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Sean Padilla
Love it

I've ben copy writing for a short period of time and i've found this very helpful. Even though I've done some copy work before, I'm glad there are descriptions and notes to tell me the reasoning I am writing this way.

Kamal Rosode
Waste of Money...

If you want to live your life writing boring copy.

I'm a boring strategy consultant at a startup who thought I knew everything about writing a narrative (I was wrong). CopyThat will lay out the framework for effective copy while sprinkling nuggets of useful tips and tricks throughout the assignments.

I know what you're thinking... "do I have to write out all the assignments by hand?"

Yes, research and legendary writers show that this is a great way to become a master. So don't be a plebiscite and buy the course, it's the same price as buying a 12oz cup of coffee in San Francisco.

Alec McDaniel
Great course, easy to understand!

The way each day is laid out with Sam's notes makes this course easy to follow, not overwhelming, and very informative.

R. Blunt
Now my copy writes itself

On the surface, this product sucks.

I had a tough time explaining to my job how copying work from (mostly controversial) white dudes made me a better writer. If Louis C.K. and Dilbert guy are as cool as sales copy gets *cringe*, then I might need to rethink my profession. Point is, highlighting modern marketers and more divers writers would brighten this up because it felt like the Think and grow rich for sales copy (yawn).

But, if you look closer, there's immense value here. CopyThat gives you the blueprint to create the copy of your dreams on any scale. If all you gain at the end is a notebook full of handwritten copy, go back and try again. Biggest lesson: Reinvent the wheel if you want, but you'll always be a step behind.

Your dreaming of a 2.300% return on Investment? Like silly Stock Sites make you believe.

Then this Course is for you...

No seriously, this are the well invested 150$ ever. I believe you even can't measure the return over your career in numbers.

Do a quick rethink. You sell all the time. To your spouse, to your kids, to your family, to your friends, at work... You sell everywhere & every day.

Copywriting is a great skill, that can make all this stuff easier for you and can push your career to new horizons.

So if you can spare the money or want to buy some fucking "new balance" shoes next month, consider to invest in yourself!