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Alex Krcmarov
What a refreshing approach to copywriting

I often find myself smiling as I'm going through the content - good copy has a way of doing that. I never heard of this approach to learning copywriting, but oh man, it's extremely useful and too much fun.

This has set me on a journey to become a strong copywriter. Thank you Sam!!!

Wyatt Johnson
Love it

I have always loved writing. I own a small asphalt paving business but I do not necessarily enjoy it. It is quite the headache most of the time, but we are profitable so it's worth it currently. I am hoping to utilize what I learn in CopyThat to help me launch a product or service that I can help solve problems with, while simultaneously optimizing for the lifestyle I desire. I firmly believe this will help me exponentially with sales. This course is already helping me identify the do's and dont's of copywriting. I am beyond excited to see how this will equip me with the proper tools needed to masterfully conquer the art of copywriting. Learning from the best! P.S. I am a big fan of you and Shaan (also I'm the guy on the left in the photo if you were curious)

Cheers, Wyatt

Jack S
I got a hand cramp

I got a hand cramp.

Seriously. I was so eager to take notes, I gripped my pen too hard. But I didn't stop. The annotated emails drew me in. Then my hand cramped.

I took this course to improve my writing. To increase landing page conversion. Drop witty slacks. And impress my girlfriend.

Has my writing improved? Yes. But time will tell. As for the course. It's easy to follow, a nice way to start your day, and high-quality. I recommend.

Dat Nguyen
Must learned writing course

Amazing course so far, simple and bite-sized lessons

Hector Hughes
Best online course I've ever done

Can't believe how good this course is. Fun & such a great way to learn. + amazingly well put together.