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Rachel Green
Very Helpful!!

I love the nature of this course. The articles I've copied so far are very insightful. I learn so much every day, never getting bored.

Roger Bauer
Suspend your disbelief

I questioned whether copying others’ work by hand would do much. I was wrong. There’s probably some neuroscience to back this, but something changes in your brain. Simple yet effective.

Do you consider yourself someone who learns best by doing? Then this is for you. Even though you’re just copying the words, it breaks through somehow. I find myself thinking differently about the services I offer from a copywriting perspective. I’ve been lazy. That changes moving forward.

Thanks, Sam.

Harry Burgener
I would never ever...

...forgive myself if I didn't buy this amazing course. I did all the exercises and feel like a much better writer already. I'm way more comfortable and will continue the practice of writing down interesting texts by hand. Thanks a lot Sam! It's been a great investment!

Robert Mor
Tons of learning and practical experience

I’m in day 5, and I’ve learned a whole lot of stuffs! Not just that, I’ve learned from other awesome copywriters. I didn’t know they even exist!

As a side note — the day about Gary Halbert, I did the assignment. But one thing led to the other and ended up reading like 10 letters!

Oh, man. So much wisdom.

I'll pay the course for kids as well, when time comes.

Lame Wagner
Only 3 copy's in, but loving it so far

I've been studying copy for awhile, and so far love the examples. It's a simple course, and if you have the disposable income, its money well spent

@wagslane on twitter... I want that DM SAM! haha