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Christian Gomez
These reviews are not AI generated.

Great course. I promise. This is a revival of a sorta dead copywriting exercise that I havent seen anywhere, but it helps a ton.

Ive been in Hustlers University and purchased from Daniel Throssel (💀) and havent heard about this exercise at all. Makes me wonder if theyre keeping this a secret on purpose.

Anyways, no I am not an AI generated review.

(Plus, Dan Lok also reccomended this exercise so why not.)

My hand hurts

I just started and enjoyed the first lesson. My hand, not so much. But I'm excited to learn more about copy that sings!

Bob Charter
I HATE writing

But I love this course. Writing sucks. At least that’s what I thought, until I took this course. In school teachers “teach” you how to write so no one will listen. CopyThat does the exact opposite.

This is a genius move by Sam. Give students a week of Copywriting training, then ask them to write reviews. Of course they’ll try to impress.

Better believe I ran this through the hemingwayapp before sending it. Five stars. Sign up for this course now. You will write better.


Marty M
already writing better words

I gave up on writing after Ms. Foster introduced the 5 paragraph essay. Finding longer words on was a waste of time.

I'm now 8 years out of school. I've seen what doors open using well crafted sentence.

Professor Sam makes writing fun again. Every day he shares a simple task. Spend 30 mins copying the best writers.

Every day my writing improves. I'm sure yours will too.

Bryan Ng
Copy Copy Copy

Copythat is one of the best copywriting courses out there. On the 3rd day of working on the exercises I could already feel an improvement in my Copy and had a new found appreciation for the nuances in writing. Highly recommend!