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John Davison
Concise, articulate, high leverage

Ever read something that stuck in your mind?
Ever written something that confused the h*ll out of someone?

Copythat offers simple, time tested ways to structure words.
This structure applies to all communications like speeches or social media posts.

After 6 days, I've already improved the clarity and persuasiveness of my words.

I also love how simple each day's work is, the hand writing part has reminded, reguided me back to a behavior I have already loved. I will continue to hand write copy for a long time, the computer exists to distribute, paper exists to capture thoughts/feelings.

Otherwise, great workshop, excellently low price point.

Ama on

Aside, consider experiences like Maven (expensive) and loads of content, limited how to change your behavior. CopyThat is small amount of content, high degree of this is how you change your behavior.

Subrato Roy
A Step up for a Noob to Become a Digital Writer!

Today was the last of the 10 day course. Just finished writing fifty pages.

I've written in blogs and social media posts before, but this was a big crash course for me. Particularly understanding to write short sentences(like for this review) that get's to the point. Identifying rhythm, tone and slippery slopes. Coming away from this I learned that digital writing is different than publishing an article or even a book. You need to get people's attention right away. And sustain it for 30 seconds to a few minutes. Especially writing like you speak. To not use esoteric vocabulary words that makes you "seem" smart.

What I really love about this course is that Sam gave variety of articles to copy. From sales letters, landing pages, home pages, emails and blogs. But he also prefaces in the email what lesson to expect. Which is very helpful!

My two favorites would have to be the Yes Ladder for a Mastery Sales Page. And today's last lesson #10, Advertorial from the Hustle. What a unique copywriting skill that I've never heard! Ads that look like normal articles but are really sales pages, that make you feel emotions.

Thanks Sam and Sara. Really glad I invested in this small BUT mighty course! You have to put focus and energy to follow through with these everyday. Consistency and discipline are a required if you are serious about writing. They have have managed to do it in a fun and engaging way. I'm sure it will help other writers no matter your skill level.

Transformative Insights in Just Two Days!

Only two days into the CopyThat course, and I’m already blown away.

The information is spot-on, super useful, and easy to apply. My writing was below average, but now I feel like I've got a secret weapon. It's like finding gold.

This course is a game-changer for me, and I’m excited to see how much more I’ll learn.

Trust me, if it can help me, it can help anyone. Thanks Sam!!!

Jamie Lawlor
The Monday-to-Friday thing…

…is awkward, but I loved that. It forced me to put time aside to focus on it. I enjoyed every part of the course and found it incredibly helpful. If you are looking to learn some principles of sales writing and apply them immediately, then this is the course for you. 10/10

Jayson Brady
Buying this course is the respectful thing to do

I live in Australia. Why in the world is that relevant? I know, seems like a strange way to start a review for an online course. It's relevant because the time difference means I receive the emails in the evening instead of the morning. This course is so good that I can't help myself but read the email before going to bed, only to get up the following morning to read it again and write out the copy.

The truth is this course is hard. It forces me to look at my atrocious handwriting everyday.

But the upside is you get a tangible sense for the little things that great writers do. And these are tricks you can implement straight away.

Even if you have no intention of writing copy, this will make you a better writer. Buy the course, you owe it to the people who have to read your texts, emails, and whatever else you write on a regular basis.