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Jayson Brady
Buying this course is the respectful thing to do

I live in Australia. Why in the world is that relevant? I know, seems like a strange way to start a review for an online course. It's relevant because the time difference means I receive the emails in the evening instead of the morning. This course is so good that I can't help myself but read the email before going to bed, only to get up the following morning to read it again and write out the copy.

The truth is this course is hard. It forces me to look at my atrocious handwriting everyday.

But the upside is you get a tangible sense for the little things that great writers do. And these are tricks you can implement straight away.

Even if you have no intention of writing copy, this will make you a better writer. Buy the course, you owe it to the people who have to read your texts, emails, and whatever else you write on a regular basis.

Sam Parr's "Secret Method" to become a world-class copywriter in just 10 days!

One of the "secrets" to become a great writer used to be well known...And some of the best writers in history, have used this method for success.

It's called CopyWork.

And it's simply copying amazing pieces of writing by hand, word-for-word.


Because it works. Because copying the words of amazing copy puts you in the mind of the writer. It allows you to feel the rhythm & flow of great writing, so you can adopt it for yourself.

Each Morning Sam will deliver a new lesson & assignment to your inbox.

Each day, Sam will breakdown a hand-picked writing piece. He'll explain why this piece is so amazing. And he'll point out small details, that separate good from great copy.

all you have to do...

is copy it down yourself.

that's it!

yes, I know..seems too simple right?

give it a try, and prepare to become world-class in 10 days!

Thanks Sam!

Rachel Green
Very Helpful!!

I love the nature of this course. The articles I've copied so far are very insightful. I learn so much every day, never getting bored.

Roger Bauer
Suspend your disbelief

I questioned whether copying others’ work by hand would do much. I was wrong. There’s probably some neuroscience to back this, but something changes in your brain. Simple yet effective.

Do you consider yourself someone who learns best by doing? Then this is for you. Even though you’re just copying the words, it breaks through somehow. I find myself thinking differently about the services I offer from a copywriting perspective. I’ve been lazy. That changes moving forward.

Thanks, Sam.

Harry Burgener
I would never ever...

...forgive myself if I didn't buy this amazing course. I did all the exercises and feel like a much better writer already. I'm way more comfortable and will continue the practice of writing down interesting texts by hand. Thanks a lot Sam! It's been a great investment!